This is a perilous moment for American Jews, American society and global peace. The brutal Hamas attack against Israeli citizens and Israel’s defensive response have unleashed dark forces in American society. Extremist voices on campus have come out in droves chanting “From the River to the Sea all of Palestine will be free,” a call for the destruction of the Jewish state. Thirty-one student groups at Harvard signed a statement blaming Israel for the Hamas massacre against Israelis citizens. 

Where did this hostility come from?

For decades universities have been teaching students to think in binaries and simplistically dividing up the world into the oppressor and oppressed. In this worldview, Jews and Israel have been labeled as oppressors. That same ideology has now entered K-12 education. 

In order to stem the tide of hate, we need to fight the core ideology animating the scourge of antisemitism. We need to restore principles of academic freedom and the open exchange of ideas. We need to stand up for all communities and against bias and hate. 

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