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The Power of 49 

A 5 Session Course on Race, Liberalism and Jewish Values

Our class is full. Please add your name to the Power of 49: America’s Reckoning on Race, Liberalism and Jewish Values waiting list.

5 Weekly Virtual Sessions

Session 1

Introduction & Jewish perspectives on Liberal Values
and Argument for the Sake of Heaven

Session 2

Defining the Issues/Terms

Session 3

Race and Racism: Various Voices in the Black community

Session 4

The Impact of the Culture Wars on the Jewish Community

Session 5

The complexity of Jewish identity and race identity in America

Participants will be introduced to Jewish texts and writings that will lay the foundation in Jewish thought for open discourse and lead to the group’s cooperation in creating a safe and trusting atmosphere where complex ideas can be discussed in an open and respectful manner, l’shem shamayim, in order to make the world a better place. In each of the sessions, we will be presenting challenging issues on race as “makhloket,” worthy of thoughtful and respectful dialogue and debate. Our objective is for participants to leave the course “confused at a higher level.”


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