New Paradigms in Latino-Jewish Relations with Matt Fernández Konigsberg

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Monday, March 27th at 1:00 PM EST

Matt Fernández Konigsberg will speak about the current state of the Latino-American/ American-Jewish relationship, and how the clash of different ideological approaches (including classical liberalism and far-left ideology) create tension within and between the communities. Matt believes honest, well-informed discussion of ideas and freedom of expression is the key to progress and true liberalism. Matt is concerned with anti-Latino sentiment, the alarming rise of antisemitism, as well as supporting the decolonization of (and Congressional investment in) the island of Puerto Rico and its 3 million U.S. citizens.

Brandy Shufutinsky HS

Moderator: Dr. Brandy Shufutinsky

Dr.  Shufutinsky is the Director of Education and Community Engagement for JILV and an ex officio board member. She has worked towards advancing the rights of victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through practice, education, and research and is now focusing her advocacy on developing intercultural and academic opportunities to enhance liberal democratic ideals.