Why Private Schools Have Embraced Coercive Diversity Practices?

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Monday, April 11th at 1:00 PM EST



Andrew Gutmann and Paul Rossi each exposed elite independent schools in New York City that had adopted highly divisive diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. In this Livestream event, Gutmann and Rossi will highlight the growing trend of private schools adopting coercive curricula and the role of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS), the body that sets standards for 1,600 independent schools, in aggressively promoting such pedagogy. These two advocates show precisely how the NAIS operates so that parents can push back and encourage schools to end the indoctrination and instead foster intellectual curiosity and critical thinking.

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Andrew Gutmann

Andrew Gutmann

Andrew Gutmann joined the nationwide movement fighting for classical liberal values and against critical race theory in schools when the letter he wrote to the parents of his daughter’s New York City private school, The Brearley School, went viral. Since then, he has become an activist in this movement, writing about the issue, speaking to parents and parent groups, founding the organization, Speak Up For Education (SpeakUpForEducation.org), and cofounding the Institute for Liberal Values (ilvalues.org). He also hosts the podcast, Take Back Our Schools (ricochet.com/series/take-back-our-schools/), and his writing has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, The Hill, the New York Post, and Bari Weiss’s Common Sense. Andrew is also a former investment banker, software engineer, entrepreneur, and author of the book, How To Be an Investment Banker.

Paul Rossi

Paul Rossi

Paul Rossi is an writer, educator, and researcher. His essay I Refuse to Stand by While My Students are Indoctrinated described the impact of Critical Social Justice on students at Grace Church School, where he taught from 2012 to 2021. Since he and Grace parted ways, Paul has focused on exposing ideological programming in K-12 private schools, by researching and writing for legalinsurrection.com, and by appearing at conferences and in national media. He is also the co-founder of Chalkboard Heresy, a channel for dissident voices in education, and an advisor to the Educational Liberty Alliance. Paul holds a BA in French Literature from Cornell and an MA in Educational Psychology from Hunter College.

Brandy Shufutinsky HS

Moderator: Dr. Brandy Shufutinsky

Dr.  Shufutinsky is the Director of Education and Community Engagement for JILV and an ex officio board member. She has worked towards advancing the rights of victims and survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault through practice, education, and research and is now focusing her advocacy on developing intercultural and academic opportunities to enhance liberal democratic ideals.