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We Need Your Input

JILV aims, over time, to change the culture of the Jewish community so that diverse ideas can be more easily heard and debated. Here’s our short-term plan:

  •  Hold a series of interviews with Jewish thought leaders on the current ideological moment and make sure these interviews (called the SpeechCast) are widely shared and viewed (please see two interviews below)
  • Track and report on the relationship between the imposition of Critical Social Justice ideology and antisemitism
  • Facilitate conversations inside Jewish organizations that create genuine discussion around sensitive issues
  • Run campaigns aimed at liberalizing the discourse 

We need three things from you to do this work:

(1) Your skills
(2) Your ideas
(3) Your financial support

Please fill out the left questionnaire to help us with 1 & 2.  If you are interested in #3 – Financial Support click the Donate Button below: