COUNTERING K-12 ANTISEMITISMExpress Newsletter - May 2024Over the past months since the October 7th Hamas terrorist attacks in Israel many have been shocked by the blatant support of terrorism against Jews. This shock has likely been exacerbated because of the groups...

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Download – A guide to left-wing antisemitism

Download – A guide to left-wing antisemitism

Left-wing antisemitism refers to prejudice, discrimination, hostility, or hatred directed against Jews, based on leftist ideologiesor perspectives. It is particularly nefarious because it is often dressed up as part of a broader “Social Justice” movement, andtherefore...

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 4 City University of New York (CUNY) Professors

PUBLIC STATEMENTJILV Denounces CUNY's Hostile Inquiry August 8, 2023 The Jewish Institute for Liberal Values prides itself on creating space for open discourse, free speech, and viewpoint diversity. Unfortunately, we are witnessing an erosion of these cherished...

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