JILV Denounces CUNY’s Hostile Inquiry

August 8, 2023

The Jewish Institute for Liberal Values prides itself on creating space for open discourse, free speech, and viewpoint diversity. Unfortunately, we are witnessing an erosion of these cherished liberal values that are fundamental to a free society. Nowhere is this more apparent than in spaces of learning. At colleges, universities, and now even K12 schools, individuals are either subject to cancellation, or they are self-censoring out of fear of being canceled. And those who do speak up often face retaliation, made examples of in order to strike fear in others who may dare to push back against the prevailing ideological orthodoxy. 

The City University of New York (CUNY) system is, unfortunately, no exception. Four Jewish professors have not only been subjected to some of the most brazen antisemitic slander in recent years but now they are being retaliated against for reporting the antisemitism to their campus administration. 

We at JILV believe that everyone, including Jewish professors, students, and administrators, should be safe on campus and not face retribution when expressing their views and demanding their civil rights. These four professors, and the many others in similar circumstances, have our full support. We call on CUNY to immediately suspend these vicious inquiries.


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