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Our Mission is to support liberal principles of free thought and expression, advance viewpoint diversity, counter the imposition of the Critical Social Justice (CSJ) ideology in the Jewish community, and highlight and oppose novel forms of antisemitism emerging from this ideology.

Freedom to think as you will and to speak as you think are means indispensable to the discovery and spread of political truth; that without free speech and assembly discussion would be futile; … that the greatest menace to freedom is an inert people.

Louis Brandeis

The Challenge to Liberalism in the


Americans have work to do in curtailing racism and inequality. We must undertake this work, however, in a spirit of intellectual honesty and integrity. Critical Social Justicethe idea that there are hidden systems of oppression in America and that only marginalized people have the standing to define them—is a rising phenomenon in the organized Jewish community. It tends to stifle alternative views and prevents due consideration of such issues as racial justice and gender identity. Absent a balanced discussion, CSJ can corrupt the core values of many institutions and lead to cultures that restrict free thought.  Such absolutist sentiment is a threat to the country and the Jewish community and fans the flames of antisemitism.
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Rising Ideological Antisemitism

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Currently, the response to Critical Social Justice has been mixed in the Jewish world. There are Jewish groups that firmly oppose or ignore CSJ. There are groups that enthusiastically endorse it. And there are many mainstream Jewish organizations—national and local—that have yet to develop a clearly defined position. The Jewish Institute for Liberal Values (JILV) will help Jewish organizations and individuals hold constructive conversations about CSJ and ensure a balanced approach.



JILV aims to reinforce Jewish values, such as discourse and debate, that are especially important for challenging topics. We don’t have to agree with one another—about politics or even religion—to come together and stand up for democratic liberal values.

EDUCATOR: Provide Jewish community learning opportunities on CSJ and liberalism and the connection of this ideology to antisemitism

FACILITATOR: Issue discussion guides and lead discussions of complicated issues on social justice with Jewish organizations

PRODUCER: Generate educational materials, blog posts, virtual meetings, videos and podcasts

MOBILIZER: Conduct advocacy campaigns to raise awareness and advance change


COLLABORATOR: Create meaningful connections with the broader movement for liberalism in American society

ORGANIZER: Assemble constituencies (e.g. rabbis, scholars, Jewish professionals, lay leaders, etc.) within the Jewish community

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We post regularly about Liberal Values in the Jewish community. We invite JILV followers to contribute articles to our blog on relevant topics. Contact if you are interested in contributing.

WSJ: Teach ‘1619’ and ‘1776’ U.S. History

WSJ: Teach ‘1619’ and ‘1776’ U.S. History

The answer to ideological education isn’t to ban the ideology but to make room for alternative views.

Conventional wisdom has it that there are only two sides in the culture war over kids’ instruction on race and racism in America. Those on the right want to impose state-level bans on teaching critical race theory in public schools. Some also want to remove particular books from libraries and curriculums. On the left, people want to teach about America’s history of racism and contemporary systemic racism but from only one perspective, with little if any room for debate.

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